What I do

Now I work as the leading master of a scene in theater of "Music and Poetry" under the leadership Elena Kamburova and the musician in Pyotr Fomenko Workshop theater, I play in the quartet "STRADIVALENKI", in the "SINATRA BAND" group, in folk to "Zakrutikh's" group.

I act in at film, I take part in record of music to movies, performances. I play with bands in different styles (jazz, pop, a retro, folk). I sing and play various music for any holiday and an action.

Participated in the international competitions: 2000 the I award at the competition "STEFANO BIZZARRI" in Italy 2001 the diploma at a competition in "ARRASATE MONDRAGON" in Spain). Worked as the sound producer in Ostankino from 2001 to 2014.

As a part of the quartet "Stradivalenki" and the Sinatra Band group actively I act on prestigious platforms of Russia and abroad.


About me

At 5 years old started to play accordion at child’s study group in the town of Zhdanov at Donetsk region, Ukraine (teacher – Victor Verigo). At 1985 entered at Musicial school №2 at the town of Noyabrsk at Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, Russia (teacher – Larisa Link) and leave at 1990. At 1992 entered at the Moscow State Musical College Gnesin (teacher - honoured worker of culture of RF Valery Gusakov). At 1996 graduated from college and entered at the Russian Academy of Music (RAM) Gnesin at the class of professor, Honoured Artist of Russia, Yuri Dranga. At 2001 graduatef from the RAM. At 1998 entered at the Faculty of audio engineering at the RAM and graduated at 2003. Studied by outstanding masters of the audio engineering – I.P. Veprintsev, P.K. Kondrashin, V.N. Ivanov and others.
I like travelling, there are a lot of interesting things in different corners of the world, but most of all I love Russia, my Homeland. I got my passion and love for the music after my late grandfather who played an accordion too. Music is a one of the most important parts of my life.. Also I have wonderful family and good friends with whom we like to get together on a lot of different occasions and events.



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Календарь (расписание) на Март

2 Марта в 19.00

Спектакль “Души”. Театр “Мастерская Петра Фоменко”. Новая сцена, Малый зал

3 Марта в 19.00

Спектакль "за Рогожской заставою”." Театр Музыки и Поэзии п/р Елены Камбуровой

6 Марта в 18.00

Концерт с ансамблем “СтрадиВаленки” Джаз- клуб А.Козлова

11 Марта в 19.00

Спектакль "Нелепо, смешно, безрассудно" Театр Музыки и Поэзии п/р Елены Камбуровой

12 Марта в 19.00

Концерт с группой “Синатра Бэнд”. Центральный дом Ученых.

19 Марта в 19.00

Спектакль "Счастливые дороги" Театр Музыки и Поэзии п/р Елены Камбуровой

20 Марта в 19.00

Спектакль "Времена года" Театр Музыки и Поэзии п/р Елены Камбуровой

21 Марта в 19.00

Концерт с ансамблем “СТРАДИВАЛЕНКИ”. Кремлевский дворец Съездов, Малый зал

22 Марта в 17.00

Спектакль "Нелепо, смешно, безрассудно" Театр Музыки и Поэзии п/р Елены Камбуровой

31 Марта в 11.00 и 13.00

Спектакль“Завещание Чарльза Адамса, или Дом семи повешенных”.Театр Мастерская Петра Фоменко. Новая сцена ,Большой зал


Call me: +7 (916) 637-5854
Send me E-mail: altudin.evgeny@gmail.com
Organization of concerts: +7 (903) 106-11-75 Alina

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